ICE Technology are proud members of International Competitiveness Est. (ICE). We are an innovative company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At ICE, we design customized websites that enhance our clients’ business, develop problem solving applications, consult IT, provide Cloud services or help to create a competitive advantage by transforming the businesses of our clients. Our skilled team always finds a solution, no matter if our client is an individual or an enterprise. Furthermore, being a partner of Google for Work and Amazon Web Services helps us to be always aware of the trends and innovations in our field.

In the fast changing environment, companies need to adapt quickly. Thus, we drive our clients through digital transformation of their business. We help them to deal with the changes smoothly, using the AGILE method to deliver the best solution one step at a time. Thanks to this, our clients are able to know their business better. AGILE is an alternative way to the traditional project management that focuses on the life cycle of the project. It encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, teamwork, self-organization and accountability. This leadership philosophy allows us to deliver to our clients a high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with their individual needs and/or company goals.

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