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ICE Technologies, a national establishment aiming at providing technological and managerial consultancy for organizations and government bodies through participation in restructuring of systems and procedures to reinforce access to the objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision.

Company Profile


Assisting public and private sectors to develop work methodologies and solutions that assist in upgrading the performance level to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision.


To become a leading national company due to our possession of high experiences in technological and managerial consultancy.


Get consultation from us to streamline your business with the Saudi 2030 vision. We can assist you in redesigning and improvement of your core operations. Our services include but not limited to:

Data Analytics

Leverage data to grab information. We provide end-to-end data analytics services including data warehouse development, business intelligence, data science, data mining, sentiment analysis, data visualization, and deep learning.

Big Data Architecture

Our data architects are equipped to build the big data plans which align with your company’s objective. Our Big data architecture includes mechanisms for ingesting, protecting, processing, and transforming data into file-systems or database structures. Analytics tools and analyst queries run in the environment to mine intelligence from data. Our big data architecture lets you extract vital business information for higher profit and lower risk.

Data Science

Our advanced analytics and Data science team will work with your team to assist them in developing analytical culture. With the help of analytical techniques and a wide variety of commercial and open source tools, we will help you provide important insights into your business. Which will allow you to innovate quickly; Build capabilities of making best possible decisions and it will help you run the day to day operations smoothly.

Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and dashboard

Our BI consulting leaders utilize your structured, unstructured and semi structured data to provide a valuable insight and help you understand the BI analytics and its tools. We can improve your employee performance and company’s operation. It can increase your efficiency in Marketing and Sales, Sales and Customer Relationship Management, Information Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource and Staffing.

Data Warehousing

Extracting insights from a heterogeneous business data is quite challenging and costly. We can provide you a state-of-the-art data warehousing solution. Our solution comes with minimum latency and near to real-time reporting. We have the capability of Data Warehousing from Enterprise solutions such as Teradata to open source solutions such as PostgreSQL or even MySql.

Internet of things (IoT)

ICE Technologies is specialized in Internet of Things (IoT). ICE Technologies can provide your organizations IoT solutions. We enable organizations to build applications using a suitable IoT framework, develop IoT strategies, integrate it with your existing systems or implement a new IoT solution for your organization.ICE Technologies will build a flexible IoT architecture for your organization that supports various patterns of connectivity and ensure a high performance, durability, security, and enable your organization to streamline different systems using mobile.


is a decentralized approach that allows your business to replace any third party or intermediary.It helps in reducing your organization’s transaction costs and increase transaction speed. Blockchain is appropriate to use in cases where security plays a major role.We will analyze your organization’s business requirements, overall management efforts and third party vendors to facilitate successful implementation of blockchain technology. We provide other services to ensure your organizational readiness for blockchain technology include functional and technical scoping, rapid prototyping, roadmap building, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Services include mapping of ERP needs, ERP implementation (SAP, Oracle), ERP customization, configuration and development, and ERP end to end testing. We offer a centralized system to automate your business practice with our custom ERP development services such as project management, HRM, inventory management, accounting and finance etc.

Cyber security

Keeping organizations' information secure online is one of the most difficult challenges organizations face worldwide. We will Help your organization to identify critical data assets, build cyber security strategy and architecture, conduct cyber security testing, build crisis management, threat assessment and hunting, recovery planning, and training your staff.

Enterprise architecture

is one of the most powerful management tool used by modern organizations. It enables continuous alignment between business processes and strategies with appropriate technical solutions. We will make your businesses more agile and ready to exploit new opportunities by designing an enterprise architecture roadmap that comply with your long term vision and strategy.

Web application development

Our web development expertise includes Enterprise Application development, eCommerce and Content Management System. Our team is capable of working with latest technologies including Node.js, React.js, Angular etc. Our capabilities also include expertise on open source tools such as Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce etc.

Mobile application development

Leverage the smartphone's trending industry by getting your mobile app done with us. We create mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Be it a B2C (Business to Consumer) app or B2B (Business to Business). We are not only good with coding but also provide a phenomenal user interface which is quite helpful for our valuable clients to utilize it not only on mobile phones but on tablets and other smart devices as well.

Digital marketing

We can assist you in digital marketing your brand or product. We do SEO (search engine optimization), SMM ( social media marketing ), and PPC ( pay per click).

Other Consultancy services include:

Our Customers

Our Consultation Team

We have experienced staff from different countries working either full-time or part-time. Following are the most important team members

Dr. Abdullah AlKenani

Executive Manager

Over 15 years work experiences in consultation. PhD in business administration, Liverpool University.

Mr. Talal Alkenani

Digital Marketing Manager

Over 10 years work experience. MSc in education from University of Houston-Clear Lake

Mr. Mohamed ElSaadany

Software Engineer

Over 10 years work experience. MSc in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ali Anjum

Data Scientist

Over 10 years work experience. BSc in computer science and MBA in marketing, National University of Sciences and Technology.

Mr. Waleed Alkenani

Software Engineer

Over 7 years work experience.MSc in computer science, King Fahd University. MBA in finance, New York Institute.